If you paid your holding deposit, no. If you didn’t pay a holding deposit and the bike is still in stock but at a lower price, yes. We do realise this sounds daft, but there is a logic to it. The price we charge is all dependent on the price we pay, and this can change daily. When you order your Cycle To work bike and pay your deposit we purchase it for you at the price charged that day. Then we hold it for you until the voucher is available. If the bike subsequently goes down in price with our supplier and so our price goes down too you won’t be able to avail of this as your bike is already bought and paid for. If however you don’t pay the deposit we won’t purchase it on your behalf until we have your voucher, at this point we avail of any supplier price reduction, and so you do too. Obviously though the risk is that the bike goes out of stock or the price goes up (it does happen) so it’s the risk you take.

If the price does go down there is always the option to cancel the voucher and start the process over, but the holding deposit is non-refundable, so that will be lost. We do realise this sounds really draconian but you need to bear in mind we sell hundreds and hundreds of bikes on the Cycle To Work scheme every year, and you’re most likely buying from as we’re the best online price you can find, this is because we work to a fraction of the profit margin of many shops, so can not afford to soak up price reductions in these situations. We’re not unreasonable though, and normally with some freebies here and there we can come to an arrangement where everyone is happy, the important thing is to speak to us before making any rash decisions.